Match of My Dreams

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“Want your ex back?…..”

Recently, so many people around me have been going through heartbreaks!

Everyone’s asking me-

“Please tell me how to get her back!”

I answered:
“Why do you want her back?”

He said:
“Please, I am going crazy she might be dating someone else!”

I asked:
“What happened?”

After I heard his story-

I said:
“Focus on yourself.”

He said:
“Please, I love her! She’s the love of my life!”


“Still focus on yourself.”

It doesn’t matter who caused the breakup.

You need to accept & honor the decision.

You need to self reflect to see how you can do better next time.

Find out what didn’t work.

There is no point to get back together if both of you are still in the same mindset as before.

What’s changed?

Calm & center yourself with meditations, self-love and self-care routines, self affirmations, etc.

Take time to listen to your heart and intuition to identify what you learned about yourself in this relationship.

What else do you need to work on personally so this won’t happen again?

Find out the deep rooted issue(s).

Without both of you doing the inner work, it still won’t work even if you got back together now.


Build a deeper bond with yourself through this.

Your relationship with yourself is the most important one.


~ Love you more ❤️


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