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What are toxic relationships?

Toxic relationships have a broad range of definitions. It can happen in any type of relationship, not just a romantic one. The key is, it happens consistently over time, despite specific circumstances. It can be one sided or two sided.

Signs of toxic relationship include any of the below:

You are always wrong, you are to be blamed, and there is not much communication – there is no mutual respect and slowly you will lose your self identity, self esteem & belief system, etc.

You are walking on eggshells to avoid fights, mood swings, verbal attacks, emotional, physical abuse etc. there is no emotional or physical safety around the toxic person.

Your daily life and career are severely impacted due to your personal suffering and you begin to show signs of depression.

You are being controlled- the toxic person only provides love, affection, attention, financial support, etc. to you when you act certain ways that are within the frame of their approved behaviors.

The toxic person is often emotionally unavailable. You are disempowered with the loss of voice, self worth, self respect, etc.

Toxic relationships include, but are not limited to narcissistic, codependent, and any types of abuse or addiction-related relationships. You need to recognize them before you can work the next steps to break free from toxic relationships.

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