Match of My Dreams


What did I do wrong?

What did I do wrong?

What did I do wrong?

When I was still dating last year, there was a common theme..

Among the men..

I didn’t find attraction or compatibility with..


They didn’t want to let go..

Or they didn’t know how..

They were stuck on..

Blaming themselves..

Trying to fix things..

By saying or asking..

What did I do wrong??

That question in itself..

Sounded like-

Their inner child didn’t grow up..

As if-

They were acting like immature little boys..

Mommy’s boys..


They were seeking..

Guidance, approval & validation..

From me..

Picture this..


That’s an annoying question.

To many women..


Incompatibility doesn’t mean..

Anything is wrong with us..

It simply means..

We aren’t compatible..

Don’t ask “What did I do wrong?”


“How can I get love from you?”

Why do you think “relationships” are complex?

That’s because there shouldn’t be right or wrong in relationships..

Biology & gender conditionings..

Tell us that..

Men tend to be more logical..

They always WANT to PROVE they are RIGHT..

Women tend to be more intuitive..

They always WANT to FEEL they are HEARD..

To women, relationships are about feelings & emotions..

We ought to bridge the gap between men and women to create win-win relationships!

Schedule a complimentary call with me to transform your love life and to heal your inner child.

I welcome both men and women.


~ Love you more ❤️

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