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Ever tried talking with someone on vacation and found yourself wishing you hadn’t skipped Spanish in high school or flaked on French in college? 

Communicating with someone who doesn’t speak the same language can be tricky. Dating, or falling in love with someone is even harder. For many people, it would be a bit too impractical to even pursue…

But unbeknownst to us, we’ve all dated, fallen head over heels in love with, and possibly married someone who speaks a totally foreign language from us. I’m talking about the most important language there is: The Language of Love. And although it’s universal, we’re all speaking it completely differently. 

It’s important that you know which love language you speak and be acquainted with your partner’s love language of choice so you can provide her with what she appreciates and she can do the same for you.  

There are generally five different love languages, and you may gravitate toward a mixture of them. Be aware of which one is the dominant for you and your partner so you know what floats your boat and how to provide her with whatever tickles her fancy. 

‘Words Of Affirmation’

If your Love Language is Words Of Affirmation, you’re likely someone who is energized by words of encouragement and consideration. You appreciate it when loved ones pay close attention to you, and engage in your thoughts and feelings with ease and interest. 

If your soulmate speaks this Love Language, look for small ways to show your appreciation. Leaving a note on her pillow, or sending a thoughtful text could truly mean the world to her. 

Be mindful of the power your words carry – so use them wisely, and with caution. And if your Love Language is Words Of Affirmation, notice someone who makes the effort to champion you on a regular basis. 

‘Quality Time’

What if your Love Language is Quality Time? Well, in that case you’re probably someone who values time with your romantic partner. You don’t need to be doing something particularly exciting either – if you’re with your significant other, and spending uninterrupted one-on-one time with each other, you’re blissfully happy.

If your dream woman speaks this Love Language, it’s crucially important that you find ways to carve out these special, movie moments. Even something as simple as planning a sunrise hike, or organizing a sushi making evening will be treasured for a long time. 

It’ll also speak wonders about your feelings towards her. But what if Quality Time is your own Language? Well, find someone who wants to make time for you, without you ever having to ask.

‘Receiving Gifts’

Those with this Love Language have an affection towards gestures, big or small. If this is your Love Language, you probably feel like it’s one of the best and most romantic ways to express your feelings. 

You delight in receiving thoughtful presents, whether they’re big or small. Nothing makes you happier than seeing something wrapped with a bow tucked away for you to open. 

If the lady in your life speaks this language, think of ways to signal your feelings towards her. It’s worth noting, people who speak this Love Language are often generous gift givers themselves. 

If your loved one has indulged you with a romantic present or gesture, it’s important you show gratitude or appreciation. And if you’re the old-fashioned romantic, and ‘Receiving Gifts’ is your Love Language, be on the lookout for an equally thoughtful soul. 

‘Acts Of Service’

Maybe your Love Language is Acts Of Service? It’s highly likely then that you place value in any signs you’re part of a solid team. A household where chores are shared fairly is likely your idyllic home. 

Your loved one offering, without prompting, to unburden you with something – or get to the odd job you’ve been putting off, is also music to your ears. If your partner looks for ways to make your life easier, just by being there, you’ll count your lucky stars. 

If the apple of your eye speaks this kind of lingo, never underestimate the power of asking ‘can I help you with that?’ or ‘what needs to be done?’. It might not seem meaningful to you, in fact, it’s probably quite mundane, but you may be adding value to her day and your relationship in more ways than one.  

And if Acts Of Service sounds like your Love Language, you’re on the lookout for a team player, who is always happy to pitch in – so long as she’s by your side.

Is Your Love Language ‘Physical Touch’?

The 5th and final Love Language is Physical Touch – which is pretty self explanatory, right? You’re big on physical signs of affection: hugs, kisses, touch, and of course, intimacy. 

You’re also always looking for other non-verbal signals that someone is committed to you. You’re eagle-eyed when it comes to body language and you really appreciate when your loved one shows public displays of affection. 

If your Queen is a fan of getting physical, it’s important you try and reciprocate her affection. Even something as simple as a kiss on her forehead in public, or a squeeze of the hand in a busy coffee shop could mean the world to her. 

And if you’re a firm lover of Physical Touch yourself, it’s important to find someone who knows how much value it holds for you.

Understanding Love Languages is instrumental to finding love and maximizing your true potential in a new relationship – take my word for it…

~ Love you more ❤️


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