Match of My Dreams

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“What is your safe word?”

What is your safe word?

Women need to feel safe.

Let me repeat-

Women need to feel safe in order to build trust.

Men are not always aware of this at all times.

I see everything I encounter in my own dating life as Universe’s way to inspire me to address these issues.

To the men in dating-

You must ask for consent.

Consent for what?

Consent for any physical intimacy, including kissing.

Or let me put it this way-

We may all define kissing a little differently. Right?

It was my second date with this man, he leaned in for a kiss before we ended the night.

Boy, did I not expect this?!!

I thought it would be a light peck on my cheek or peck on my lips for the most part, but no……

I was wrong.

I didn’t see any forecast.

I didn’t expect what’s about to happen.

He leaned it then he bit my lips!

That was not kissing that was locking me in and biting on my lips!

“Ouch, No!”


Those were my safe words!

He later texted-

“Sorry, if we got carried away!”

Oh no, trust me that “we” didn’t get carried away!

HE did!

No judgement there for men who like intimacy to be on the rough side.

It is just not my cup of tea.

A little heads up of this preference would’ve been nice.


~ Love you more ❤️


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