Match of My Dreams


When you can forgive others, you can free yourself from the past.

In order for us to move on to our “envisioned future” and start anew, we need to have the courage and audacity to forgive others’ wrongdoing, whether or not it was intentionally or unintentionally done to us.

A few key points of forgiveness:

◽ Forgiveness is to alleviate from past pain, resentment, anger, sadness, hurt, disappointment, etc.

◽Forgiveness is done for your own wellbeing, peace, serenity and sanity, not for others.

◽Forgiveness doesn’t mean you forget or make others’ wrongdoing okay. It means you accept what happened fully so you can start healing and move on.

◽Forgiveness is generosity from your end to embrace that humans have imperfections and we accept others’ imperfections with compassion.

◽Forgiveness is also learning to take accountability on your part to acknowledge what you could’ve done better in the situation, and to look at the circumstance introspectively in order to learn the lessons to start healing.

◽ Forgiveness is to forgive yourself and not regret a part of your past, but to accept and acknowledge the facts of what happened objectively and release the negative emotions and feelings associated with the situation.

◽Forgiveness is to be empowered and to renew a new sense of commitment and love toward your own self.

Forgiveness is to put a true closure of what happened, embrace you’ve survived and are now stronger, and to applaud yourself in order to move forward.

~ Love you more ❤️

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