Match of My Dreams


“Who am I?”

Who are you?

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror this morning?

Who are you?

Let me tell you.

You attract who you are.

You are who you BELIEVE you are.

You become who you BELIEVE you can be.

It is very simple.

As long as you override the cultural, societal, gender, familial conditionings and remove all of your limiting beliefs up to this point.

You CAN be who you want to be.

Stop limiting your infinite potential.

Stop looking in the rear view mirror.

You are not your past.

Your past doesn’t define you.

Stop worrying about your future.

Your future isn’t here yet.

Focus on this present moment.

Manifest from today.

Feeling is the secret.

Say it to yourself-

I am divinely intuitive.

I am happy.

I am lovable.

I am insanely grateful.

I am super powerful.

I am impactful.

I am limitless.

I am “me”.

Add more “I am” statements in the comments below.

~ Love you more ❤️


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