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Why Dating Apps and Dating Websites Don’t Work?

Would you lease a Porsche 911 if you didn’t have a permit or know the first thing about driving a stick shift?  Probably not. No matter how beautiful the model is, or how smooth the engine runs – you’d check yourself into Drivers Ed before road testing a sports car. You’d certainly not invite someone into the passenger seat for the ride. The risk of a collision or serious collateral damage would be way too high. 

When it comes to finding your soulmate, why don’t men apply the same simple logic? As a dating coach, I often meet clients so keen to jump into the front seat of every dating app on the circuit, they’ve forgotten to check the most important manual going – their own. 

With a bit of coaching, they’d understand their own vehicle better and ultimately become a much better driver.  


From the moment you create a profile, tap out your interests and select a profile picture – you’re building the outer shell. But who are you? What is your make and model? Are you a classic Mustang, vintage Corvette, sporty Jaguar or family friendly SUV? Are you a safe investment or a risk? There’s a good chance if you suck at dating, you don’t even know. I meet clients all the time who are stuck in the past, or stuck in a rut and have lost track of their own appeal. I encourage men to take pause and work out these critical details. You should know your offline profile inside out before you begin crafting your online one. And with the right sculpting and a good clean up, not one of you is destined for the scrapheap. 


A big part of getting to know yourself better is understanding what you could offer your dream woman. There’s a lot of competition out there, so knowing what your best features are is paramount. What are your genuine strengths? What are your weaknesses and how are these offset by further strengths? In matchmaking, I don’t teach my clients to ignore their competition; I tell them to embrace it. Familiarizing yourself with your best features and learning to stick to your own lane with confidence – that’s a smart maneuver. 


Before they head out to look for their soulmate, I ask my clients whether they consider themselves roadworthy. Dating involves more than one person, so as a dating coach, I’m asking you to be mindful. Are you safe to drive at the moment? Are you emotionally ready to date? What’s your recent mileage and do you perhaps need a stopover? I encourage men to check in mentally with their past because this will in turn affect future compatibility. Your quest to meet your soulmate is not a speed race. 


This is a huge part of the journey but I routinely find that my clients haven’t stopped to consider their passengers. Do you know who you’re looking for in a dream woman? Do you plan to pick up the first person you see? A bad fit can mean a bumpy ride, so place value in yourself and your own integrity. Now that you know your own best features, understand what features would complement you.


You’ve checked everything else off your list but now for a final key check in your MOT; are you in the right place? Is this the right dating website or dating app for you? Dating services can be great facilitators in matchmaking but only if you’re using the right one. There’s a lot of choice out there. Don’t take the longer or more expensive route to find your soulmate.   

So the next time you invest in a dating app or dating website profile, and ask your potential dream woman to invest in you – invest in yourself. 

If you want to learn more about how to fall in love, and break down current barriers that could be ruining your relationships, book your FREE call with me today where I can learn about you and see how we could work together. 

~ Love you more ❤️


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