Match of My Dreams


Why haven’t they called?

Why haven’t they called?

Why haven’t they called?

Why haven’t they called?

This has been the most common question..

When one wonders why the other hasn’t contacted..

Since the breakup~

Or their last initiation to reconcile-

My clients would ask me…

Why haven’t they contacted?

My answer as a coach~

Has always been..

“Focus on yourself.”


I’ve communicated the mindset to them prior to the breakup..

What they would be going through..

And the plan to heal..

But when they get off track from the plan to heal~

Between coaching sessions-

To heal fully..

I would still remind them,


“Focus on yourself!”

Then redirect them to their homework..

It may seem counter intuitive to what they wished to hear..


That’s only because..

They are acting out of fear..

Fear of uncertainty..

Fear of abandonment..

Fear of the unknown..

Fear of the new beginning..

Fear of “not” having the other person..

Anything we haven’t experienced-

We fear..

And most importantly~

Our world has became an-

Instant gratification world..

We don’t tend to focus on the inner work..

That’s actually required to elevate ourselves..

We are tempted by-

“Grass is greener on the other side..”

“The next new thing/new partner must be better..”

“I’ll be happy when..”

And YET,

When the opportunity arises-

We still fear..

To walk into..

The new door.

That’s meant for us..

A new season-

That we’ve manifested..

Know this-

In the process of reinventing ourselves..

We must focus and hold space for ourselves..

In order to gain the clarity we need-

To create-







So we can attract anything that-

We want.


By focusing on yourself..


When we failed~

To MASTER the relationship with ourselves..


We’d be running a higher risk at failing the relationships that’s outside of us..


Chasing the person or

The things that’s outside of us..

Especially during breakups.


The breakup in itself..

Is a reflection of our inner misalignment..

Reconcile with yourself..

By focusing on yourself..

Is the best way to heal..

Then to move forward with the clarity that you need-

To prepare for the next chapter of your life!



~ Love you more ❤️

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