Match of My Dreams


Women love sex as much as men do but they want to feel emotionally connected first.

Women and men can both love sex, but in order for a woman to truly enjoy the sexual intimacy, she needs to feel “safe”, “respected”, and most importantly, “connected” with the men first.

We are talking about developing a long lasting intimate relationship here. Our cultures may have shaped us or “sex shamed” us in such a way that men feel guilty for wanting sexual intimacy while women feel ashamed or judged as to “when” to have sexual intimacy.

How soon is too soon?

There are many factors that determine when a relationship is ready to get to the next level of sexual intimacy.

The point here is, it all depends on the connection, your views on sexual intimacy, your spiritual beliefs, your understanding and respect towards each other, and the level of emotional connection, as well as how open-minded you are in the bedroom in order to enjoy that sexual intimacy.

This intimacy will deepen the relationship in the long run. Discuss with your partner so both of you can feel comfortable in making that decision together.

Dating isn’t a game. It requires maturity so we can eliminate the misconceptions evolved around sexual intimacy.

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