Match of My Dreams


You are a gold digger!

You are a gold digger!

You are a gold digger!

Backtrack 6 months ago..

One of my girlfriends-

All of a sudden called me..

And was crying over the phone..

“We broke up!”

She announced..

I saw that coming..

I knew they weren’t compatible..

To begin with.

When I became friends with her..

“What happened?”

I asked compassionately..

It turned out they got into a heated argument.

On a 6 hour road trip..


I don’t like road trips! 🤦‍♀️

Being trapped in a car..

For so long..

Conversations can go wrong..

If you aren’t compatible to begin with..


He got a written warning at his job!

He was upset before they got on the road..

She tried to encourage him to get out of his comfort zone..

To look for another job..

He called her a gold digger!

Because she wanted the best for him career wise..

Things got out of hand!

They broke up on the way home.

The sad part was hurtful words were said..

Before he dropped her off, he said sarcastically-

“Don’t forget to tell your next NEW boyfriend the financial stability you wanted that I couldn’t provide to you!”

I don’t like to get involved in the “he said she said.”

One thing I recommend is..

My loves 💕

Words cannot be unsaid or unheard..

Doesn’t matter how heated the moment is..

Be cautious of what we communicate..

Especially to our loved ones..



~ Love you more ❤️

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