Match of My Dreams


You Are Love

There is ZERO point of searching for love or your soulmate! It should be an effortless energy exchange that your soulmate will find you. This doesn’t mean you don’t make initiatives or put your dating profile online. It simply means not to focus on the “lack of”, but instead, focus on loving yourself! ❤️

Put your energy towards having a strong sense of self love, self image and self worth. If you realize the love within you, then the more love you are able to feel within yourself, the more love you are able to amplify out to the world, which means the more love gets reflected back to you!

When you were born or when your kids were born, did we not give them the best unconditional love there is in this world?
Did we define what love is or have rules or conditions before we can love? Did we tell the innocent babies “you must be a certain way for me to love you”? No! We love and were loved because we/they were simply born WHOLE, PERFECT, PRECIOUS & COMPLETE! That’s the feeling we gave ourselves or to our kids. Then slowly, certain beliefs from our culture, society, or community make us place expectations on how we must be in order to feel “loved”!

You can only channel to the radio frequency of LOVE (your soulmate) when you feel loved within yourself! The more love you feel within yourself, the more attraction you reflect on the outside. You will become a “woman magnet” to have more attractive women say “Yes” to dates and would have more beautiful high value women to choose from!

Remember, You are Love! ❤️


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~ Love you more


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