Match of My Dreams


“You are the star…..”

The common mistake men make in dating is that…

They forget that they are the star of their own movie.

Instead of qualifying women, they oftentimes put their focus on whether a woman likes them or not.

In panic mode-

On dates

With sweaty palms

And desperate energy

The question shouldn’t be-

“Does she want to go on a second date with me?”

The question is-

“Do I want to go a second date with her?”

Let’s reverse engineering this..

You are the star of your own movie.

You are a good catch.

Do you believe that 110%??

This is not a mind game.

This is a mindset.

This is believing in yourself.

What choices would you make if you embodied the phrase, “I am a good catch!”

What choices would you make if you focused on yourself?

She’s a candidate to be your soul mate, the most intimate relationship that you would ever have in your life!

Do not forget.

You are the star of your own movie!

Who do you choose to share your blissful life with?

Listen to your heart.

Are you the star of your own movie?

~ Love you more ❤️


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