Match of My Dreams


“You can have him!”

You can have him!


That decision changed my life.

I’ve reached the point of no return.

Backtrack 3 years ago.

During my winter vacation with my two girls in Vancouver, Canada.

I didn’t want to go as my heart was bleeding from being abandoned for the 3rd time by my narcissistic ex husband.

I felt I had to put on a brave face.

For the sake of my girls winter break.

They already lost their dad, didn’t they?

I said to myself.


For the girls.

Until, I unexpectedly received a call.

From my ex’s mistress/girlfriend at the time.

How dare she called me?

I said to myself.

To disturb the little peace I had.

She wanted to apologize.

She wanted to explain.

She wanted to care how we were doing.


She wanted to know-

How would I be able to continue with my life after she disturbed my family?

The love of my life!!

I gave her a piece of my mind….

“Here is what is going to happen.”

“Listen up!”

“Do not contact me ever again!”

“You have no right.”

“I will end this marriage.”

“I will leave him!”

“I don’t EVER want him back.”

“YOU can have HIM!”

But lastly-

Let me repeat.

“As a woman, I urge you to choose yourself before he abandons you too.”

That was it.

I had enough!

Enough of their drama.

Enough of drama in my life.

I wanted peace for my girls and I.

I deserved peace.

There was no turning back.

I was determined.

I followed through.

I followed my plan.

She didn’t choose herself.

He abandoned her after all.

She swallowed sleeping pills.

Called me lastly.

I saved her for my sanity.

For the love of God!

At the end.

We both survived and lived.

Without him.

Love yourself.

Choose yourself.

Live your best life!


~ Love you more ❤️


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