Match of My Dreams


You don’t love me!

You don’t love me!

You don’t love me!

Not yet!

Backtrack two years ago, when I started dating after my divorce..

I somewhat got into a relationship..

We were dating for two months..


One day..

We got into an argument.

I sighed.

In that instant moment..

I felt..

As if..


Perhaps it was a realization..


Our mindsets didn’t match..

I felt disappointed..

At that moment.

There was this energy.

Coming towards us..



That we both felt it and knew it was coming..

Then, I said to him..

“I don’t think we’d be a good fit!”

At that same moment..

He said to me..

“I love you!”

We overlapped each other’s words.

I heard him.


He sure did hear me.

He was in shock.

As if he didn’t believe-

What he heard.

We looked at each other..

I teared up.

Yes, I did..

Not because of what I said.

But because of how he appeared in his facial expressions..

As if..

He had lost something-

He treasured so much..


I supposed.

I teared up also..

Because I knew myself so well.

That the minute I said..

What I said..

It would’ve reached a point of NO return!

We both paused for 5 seconds..


I calmly repeated back to him..

“I don’t think we’d be a good fit!”

He said..

“But I love you!”

As if those were the magic words to make our incompatibility go away!

My loves 💕

Please get this right.

If someone wants to break up with you..

You must..

No matter how hard it would be..

Respect and honor their decision.


Everyone has their free will..

To pause the relationship at any time..

Especially in the early stage of dating..

What you say after someone tries to break up with you..

Would be the determining moment..

If she/he would consider taking you back..

And if that’s even a possibility..

This is not a mind game.

This is having an abundant mindset.



~ Love you more ❤️

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