Match of My Dreams


You got it all wrong!!

You got it all wrong!!

You got it all wrong!!

I realized there are so many misconceptions of what love coaching is.

It’s easy.

It’s divine.

It’s coming from your high self.

It’s coming from your intuition.

What’s my job?

My job is to be your accountability partner.

In the process..

To listen to what you share..

To identify your limiting beliefs through your speaking.

To dissect the words you use around these events.

Because words and thoughts create reality.

Once we untangle the misalignment.

Within yourself around love, relationships & intimacy..

You will feel so free!

As free as a bird!

Because the dark clouds would’ve left you..

You would’ve combatted your demons, your fears & calmed your ego..

In the process..

I don’t tell you what to do..

Or who to decide to be with..

Or to stay/leave your girlfriend..

Or to stay/leave your wife…

In the process of coaching..

The answers will appear..

As you are in a crossroad…

The paths ahead of you…

Became super clear that-

YOU will know what action to take..

As you would know to follow your intuition..

To guide you to your true destiny..

Your life’s purpose..

I am there to assist you every step of the way..

Because I have been there..

So many times..

That’s quantum leaping..

In our spiritual awakening..

To unlock the love & abundance within you..

So not only YOU can unite with your true love..

By discovering what your heart/soul desire..

You will also find your soul’s purpose..

I promise you.

You will have so much clarity-

That you will see your life-

As rich as it can be.

As exciting as it can be.

As abundant as it can be.

Right in front of your eyes!

Like a kaleidoscope!

That’s right!

Your life won’t get better if you stay in the stagnation…

Like a tangled hose in your garden.

You are stuck!

Can’t you see?

Take the leap of faith!

This will be the BEST decision you’ve ever made.

Are you in for the acceleration of your love life?

~ Love you more ❤️


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