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“You never …..”!

Do you know the words that we use not only have meanings but they create thoughts and feelings to the person we speak them to?

Couples often fight because of the way they speak to each other or the words they use aren’t the most inspiring and empowering.

We ought to be intentional and cautious with the words we speak to one another, especially to our loved ones.

People interpret who we are based on the words we use, and the words we use create the other person’s feelings and thoughts, and ultimately drive their behaviors.

If we were to say to our loved one, “You never help out around the house!” How would that make the other person feel? The word “never” is usually used with intense emotions and carries an absolute and definitive connotation.

Even if that’s not the intention of the speaker, it’s usually interpreted by the other person as such, which may stir up negative emotions. Many times, a fight will ensue.

This shows the power of words. When used correctly, they can be empowering, but when misused, they can be hurtful and upsetting.

Be cautious of the words we choose to speak. Words create thoughts and feelings to the other, and positive thoughts always create positive communication.

Recently my older one loves using these two words, “For sure”!

Everything I said or asked of her, the answer is always, “For Sure”! I love that!

And my younger one adopted this new phrase of “You are the wise one” whenever she asks me for help.

How wonderful are these two sets of phrases! Let’s try to use them in the context of romance, love, and in our relationships!

If your significant other says, “Honey, can you help me with this?” Please try to answer with “For sure”!

And if you wanted to ask your spouse for any advice, start with “Honey, what do you think of… You are the wise one!”

They may just be words but they carry strong messages of positive communication. They lift up the moods and empower and inspire people to want to do more for one another.

Let’s be mindful of the words we choose and enjoy the art of language. A little praising here and there not only increases romance, cooperation, and synergy, it also shows that you are open-minded, confident, and certainly fun to be around with.

Trust me, life will become much easier. It sure did in my household!

What is your favorite phrase(s) you use when talking to your significant other?

~ Love you more ❤️


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