Match of My Dreams


You rather be single than to be with the wrong woman.

The hardest part of dating is that you may easily get sucked into the “Tango” game of dating than to get in touch with your authentic self to gauge whether or not you are truly right for each other.

Let’s say the first date went perfectly fine (from your perspective). When you follow up with her, she shows disinterest or she can’t carve out time in her busy schedule to see you again.

For whatever the reasons, this makes you want to pursue her more because of her disinterest. Take a step back and logically assess the situation. If a woman is interested in seeing you again, she will find the time to make it happen, often times even enthusiastically. If you followed up more than two times already to show your interest in seeing her again without much reciprocated response, I urge you to simply walk away.

It takes much more courage to walk away from someone than to be sucked into the tango game of dating. No response is a response. Not all women communicate clearly to let you know if her schedule is temporarily busy or if it’s because she doesn’t feel you are truly compatible. When that happens, do your part of the following up then let her go.

~ Love you more ❤️


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