Match of My Dreams

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“Your dating profile…..”

Your dating profile is your “resume” in dating.

Majority of the men make no effort in making it presentable.


I don’t know.

How do I know?

Because I am also looking for my “purpose mate” (soul mate) as I was divorced a year ago.

This is not only my profession.

This is also part of my life.

I am on the other end of the screen.

I know what women want as I am a woman.

I help my clients perfect their dating profiles including the words to “show and tell” their lives and also choosing their profile pictures.

As a woman looking for her soul mate-

How would you impress me?

At any given time, my inbox is full with overflowing messages that I may or may not have time for.

I swipe left or right in 5 seconds.

Please make sure you put your best pictures forward.

Please describe your life, your values, your purpose, and your hobbies/passions.

Please state your intention/end in mind.
(Casual, LTR, Marriage, etc.)

I have more than 1500+ likes in my “likes” tab as we speak.

Not to mention the messages in my inbox.

I will not reply if you send me a one word message evidentially showing me you have not read or reference anything I said in my profile.

How did I get so many messages/likes/options?

Be intentional.


~ Love you more ❤️


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